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Percée à Nue 4: Châtiment (2014)

by Scarlett Edwards(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 3
Edwards Publishing
Uncovering You
review 1: I'm going to honest the story was good. But I feel as if the author is dissing her readers1. The first 3,4 books are really chapters, but she wants actual book prices to be paid. It has yet to occur to her to give her readers anything in return. 2. She likes to miss her deadlines but doesn't inform her readers till midnight of the day the book should be coming out. 3. She likes to ask her readers where the story should go. I feel as if she's out of story but looking for assistance in writing a book for which she will charge 3,99 for and will only be good for about .5 hours of reading.
review 2: Loved this book as much as the others but was a little pissed when I found out the next one now has no release date after the author promised a book per month. That's
... morewhy I hate these freaking serials! Can anyone just write a book anymore? The author said she wants to tailor each book to what readers want. I say man up and write the book the way you want it, people will still read it. No one is excited about spending a fortune on these little books. less
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The intensity continues to build...I continue at the edge of my seat!!!
This is were the story gets hot and seriously intriguing!
Js must die! I'm just saying.
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