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The Fulcanelli Manuscript (2007)

by Scott Mariani(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 3
0709083017 (ISBN13: 9780709083016)
Robert Hale
Ben Hope
review 1: tipetipe buku macem gini ini yg paling asik buat dibaca. penuh konspirasi, tekateki, dan kejutan. selalu punya prinsip "jangan pernah percaya siapapun tokoh dalam novel selain peran utamanya".awalnya lambat, trus mulai bergerak cepat, kemudian kayak ga bergairah bikin mikir "mau lo apa, sik, buk, kok jadi gini ceritanya" terus dia dengan kurangajarnya bikin kejutan yang "asem, gue harus tau endingnya gimana" antara buku yang asik tapi ngeselin atau ngeselin tapi asik.ga nolak sik kalau buat baca Ben Hope #2 dengan catatan masih sama Roberta, yaa. abis wa suka kesel baca Langdon pasangannya ganti muluk. #yha
review 2: I am completely flummoxed as to why so many people have given this book and author such good reviews!!!! It is such a rip off of other authors sto
... moreries, in particular Dan Brown, and is riddled with cliches!!! To top it all off it is very poorly written. I'm no lottery snob, far from it as I will read trashy page turners like the rest of them The cliches were to much and I struggled to finish it.....the handsome, rich, reclusive, troubled ex SAS soldier out to save the world against the evil Catholic Church with his side kick, who just happens to be a beautiful young intelligent woman! The story was poor but it was all too much for me when the hero and heroine run into each other's arms on the beach at the end......I couldn't bear to read another word by this comic book author! Go read some Jeffrey Archer Mr Mariani and learn how to write a novel! less
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beautiful imagination!!btw, the cover is differentI hope I'll find the series
An unexpected ending yet really intense. I feel you, Benedict Hope.
an excellent read from cover to cover
Really did not like. Silly...
A Dan Brown type thriller .
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