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Ha'ven's Song (2013)

by S.E. Smith(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 3
1494238330 (ISBN13: 9781494238339)
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Curizan Warrior
review 1: Emma and Sara were kidnapped and tortured by a dangerous and deranged man, but were saved by Valdier Warriors and taken to another world. They heal Emma physical wounds but can not touch the ones deep inside her. Each day that passes she takes refuge in her inner world and there must be a drastic change or she might not survive. Ha'ven Ha'darra is the Crown Prince for the Curizans, an advanced species known for their technology. He is what you might call alien playboy and he is happy, or so he thinks, until he met Emma. S. E. Smith outdone herselfe again in this book! I loved this wonderful story, I found it very sweet but do not worry it still contains caveman alpha male testosterone. ;)
review 2: This was a pleasant enough read, but not a "blow me out of th
... moree water" romance. A fantasy/sci-fi romance encompassing strangely beautiful otherworlds of the universe populated with ruggedly handsome, sexually potent males who always seem to find a powerful, magnetic connection to human females (lucky females!) The warrior in this story is even endowed with frightening, magic ability. The woman he finds to be his mate is not whole, but "broken." Yet, when the two unite they draw incredible strength from one another and the scars of their past are healed and survival without the other becomes impossible to even consider. Overall, this is a sweet tale of loss, heartache, pain, and sacrifice that can only be healed by the love of one very special soul in this universe. The premise for the story while being very good had a weakness in its character developments. Simply stated, they were. too simplistic and linear. The plot development was much more intricate with many layers and the hero and heroine just did not match up. Also, their union was much too quick and easy especially given the experiences, backgrounds, and initial states of minds of each. Their introduced vulnerabilities were major aspects to each character , but were quickly left behind. These were indelible parts of their characters that could have been played to better advantage. The passion and sexual play could have been drawn with more detail as well to capture and hold the reader's attention more thoroughly. The erotic sex appeal of the warrior-hero was wasted when it did not transfer into his sexual play with his mate, or at least if it did, the reader was not made wholely aware of it. :-( Still, I give a fair rating of 3.5-stars, and will strongly consider reading the next book in the "Curizan Warrior" series. Any read that can achieve at least a 3.0-stars is worh the effort in my book (excuse the pun. :-P ) less
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I would love a spin off book with the story of Monikers so Crom could find a human mate
This was a very interesting story. I really liked it.
Another great read. Can't wait for more!
Good book.
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