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The Ghosts Of Bourbon Street (2000)

by Seanan McGuire(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: I am very glad that I saw The Ghosts of Bourbon Street on Goodreads before I had read more than the first page of Sparrow Hill Road. Verity remains my favorite Incryptid character, other than the mice who are mentioned and make a very brief appearance, so I was glad to see how she and Dominic were doing. This story offers more information on Rose, who was briefly mentioned in a phone call Alex made to Verity in Half-Off Ragnorak, and who is the main character in Sparrow Hill Road.
review 2: I love everything Seanan McGuire writes - she's an ultra-dependable urban fantasy authors, always putting out great books. She's also super nice to her fans, posting lots of free short stories on her web site, like this one. This story takes place in the InCriptid universe
... morewhile Verity Price and Dominic De Luca are on a road trip to meet Verity's family. They make a stop in New Orleans to meet Verity's great-aunt, who is a ghost, then they go on an undead adventure, helping out another ghost they met in a bar. I LOVED the details about the different kinds of ghosts (like the carriage one) and what happens if a mortal goes into a ghost bar and eats or drinks. less
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Verity and De Luca still amuse me!! A lot! And the mice... I love the mice and OMG ROSE!!! woohoo
I want a drink with an animal-shaped swizzle stick and several umbrellas and straws!
I never get tired of Verity.
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