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Velveteen Vs. The Junior Super Patriots (2012)

by Seanan McGuire(Favorite Author)
4.29 of 5 Votes: 2
0985798912 (ISBN13: 9780985798918)
ISFiC Press
Velveteen vs.
review 1: I've said before that I really enjoy McGuire's writing-- even moreso when the stories aren't written for anything besides the enjoyment of herself. The Velveteen Vs series started off as a one-shot in thanks to a couple of fans, and expanded into an online series of short stories about the former child superhero, Velma Martinez (codename: Velveteen), her rejection and subsequent reacceptance of the superhero life. The stories were collected into two published books ("Velveteen Vs The Junior Super Patriots" and "Velveteen Vs The Multiverse"), which I finally bought. If you've read any of the superheros-as-marketing comics (or watched Tiger and Bunny), you'll recognize some of the tropes. In a lot of ways because the series was a spontaneous series of creations, it feels les... mores over-worked than some of her commercial writing.
review 2: This is a superhero spoof about Velveteen, a low level heroine whose power is that of animating toys, who is recruited (sold actually) to the corporation that runs the superhero groups (as kind of a reality show plus merchandising) as a kid. Then when she refuses to sign up as an adult, the corporation calls her a supervillain. These are fun amusing stories with a few dark hints. All are available on McGuire's website. less
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This is a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy lady superheroes and prefer prose to sequential art.
Wonderful in LJ. More wonderful in print. Even more wonderful in audio. Yes. Wonderful.
Marvelous!! Definitely a must read for anyone that likes good super hero stories.
I don't actually like the superhero genre, but I really liked this character.
Absolutely loved this :-) Go in knowing very little, it's worth it.
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