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Blutrecht (2014)

by Sebastien de Castell(Favorite Author)
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review 1: The Three Musketeers meet fantasy. Some fun swashbuckling action. We see some of the usual fantasy tropes executed unusually well. And we have witty humor which is a nice break from some of the grimmer fantasy that has been popular of late. Each fantasy author usually likes to do something in their magic or world that stands out that no one else is doing like they are. I like the leather armor great coats the Greatcoats wear giving them greater mobility than those with heavy armor with decent protection. In the story the main character has already let the king down leading to his death instead of protecting or becoming the king (thus, the title). We do see magic but it's not something the main character or his two companion use. I like the single protagonist viewpoint of t... morehe book. It seems like having multiple protagonists has become popular of late but not always done well. The story has some good twists. Some things you see coming and others not as much. I loved the way that you get to parts of the story you feel the author could have ended things but instead he adds another layer to the story. The author uses flashbacks to explain some of the backstory but the transition from present to past in the story telling was seamless. The best new fantasy I've encountered this year. I'm in for book two when it's released. Note: The one discordant note (to me) was the occasional modern American profanity. Curious if the version in the UK uses words more common there? There is one sex scene, not terribly graphic, but this book is probably not written for the kiddos.
review 2: This is a thrilling, wonderfully executed adventure story similar in feel and plot to Michael Sullivan's Riyria books and I would recommend it highly to those who liked them. Dark and fun, it doesn't quite have the world building of Scott Lynch's books but also a worthy addition to the genre. I found it incredibly readable and enjoyable, though I wanted more details/ background on the way magic works, gods and saints etc. Lynch really was the best at developing the world in addition to the political scheming. But I would recommend it highly as the start of an intriguing new series that has more gender balance than the typical fantasy, if not the "importance." less
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p 803/5DNF - NOVEMBER 2014MH
straining too hard
Fun book
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