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The Sweetest Dark (2013)

by Shana Abe(Favorite Author)
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0345531701 (ISBN13: 9780345531704)
The Sweetest Dark
review 1: The Sweetest Dark is a book. Sorry, should I be more clear? At the beginning, I was going to say the author's voice was unique, but after turning the last page, a better word would be "enchanting". About the book - During World War I, Eleanore (I always get excited when the main character shares a version of my name), who goes by Lora, gets sent from an orphanage to an island school, meets Armand and Jesse, and begins a wonderful journey of love and dragon-hood. That is a short summary, I know.About my rating - I liked the book itself well enough, it was actually very good. However, I found it slow-paced and very predictable. I am not likely to stop before finishing a book; what if I was wrong! I was only one-fourth of the way through the book when I very accurately predi... morected how it would end. At a certain obvious point, I still nearly cried. I wished I wasn't so accurate!I would recommend reading it, of course! But I should say, for those who have read the series about Lora's grandmother (Book 1: The Smoke Thief), The Sweetest Dark is much more on the 'young adult' side. For the next part of the series, only book two: The Deepest Night, is out, as of November 2014. Can you guess what book I'm reading next?
review 2: This was a very good read. It is beautifully written and has a very creative storyline, especially the fantasy side of it. What I loved most about it was definitely the two boy characters and how much much they loved the main character. For the first time ever, an author was finally able to pull off a love-triangle in a young adult novel and I absolutely loved it. For the first time, I wanted the girl character to end up with both boys. The ending was very sad but it was the only conclusion it could have. Can't wait for the second book! less
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Read on vacation! Very interesting magical system and historical tidbits.
Luscious writing; evoking all the senses....
I loved it!
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