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Blood Stains (2011)

by Sharon Sala(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 5
0778329410 (ISBN13: 9780778329411)
The Searchers
review 1: This book was good, could have used a little more going on though. The beginning was very promising what with the "confession beyond the grave" giving these three sisters the duty of finding their pasts. I found it slightly strange that they went their own ways to do all that searching on their own, but I know this is leading to the other books so I forgave not getting to know those characters more. Where the book fell flat for me was the middle into the end, it just didn't seem like much happened other than the typical 'the killer is out there and is coming for me' thoughts. So I give this book 3 stars because it was ok, I liked it, and I've read a few of Sharon Sala's books before and although this wasn't my favorite I still feel her books deserve at minimum 3 s... moretars.
review 2: Three young women find out when Andrew Slade,their father dies, that he is not their father nor did he adopt them. The women have different mothers who gave them to him. The women have no memories of their life before they became Slades. Andrew kept journals for each of the women concerning the circumstances of how he got them, their bits of memories, and where they came from. The women go to find their history. This is Maria's story. As a four year-old she saw her mother murdered. The murderer has never been caught. She goes to Tulsa and with help from the police, her mother's pimp, and her baby-sitter, she finds who her mother was and who killed her. Maria finds love and revenge. less
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loved this book. kept me going back for more. couldn't put it down
First book of a trilogy. Very good.
Very good
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