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Burn For Me (2014)

by Shiloh Walker(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 4
1466858133 (ISBN13: 9781466858138)
St. Martin's Paperbacks
review 1: This novella is the first in the Secrets & Shadows series. I really enjoyed the book. Tate Bell is one of three siblings whose mother disappeared 15 years ago after a fight with her husband. Tate has convinced himself his father killed his mother. And, since he is so much like his father he won't let himself get close to anyone. Ali Holmes is a divorced mother of two. She loves Tate but is tired of only getting the small pieces of him that he is willing to share. Once she decides she deserves more than Tate is willing to give, she breaks things off. This means that Tate has to do some soul searching. The characters were well-defined and well-developed. I like both and was happy with the conclusion of the story. I'm anxious to read about his two sibl... moreings.
review 2: I've read most of Shiloh Walker's books and this one doesn't disappoint. It is short - a novella, I guess. The hero, Tate, and heroine, Ali, are already together in a friends-with-benefits relationship and the conflict starts there with Ali wanting more. Tate also wants more, but feels he's unable to give it. There is a big mystery concerning the disappearance of Tate's mother that is left unresolved, but I knew this before starting the book and I'm fine with purchasing the follow up novellas/novel to get the full story. Nice read for me, but I didn't expect anything less. less
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I liked it but didn't love it. In all honesty it left me dissatisfied.
Not one of my favorites... very shallow story line.
Review coming soon!
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