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A Thousand Cuts (2010)

by Simon Lelic(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 5
0670021504 (ISBN13: 9780670021505)
Viking Adult
review 1: Whilst unfortunately, I was never really convinced by the main character Lucia (I couldn't get any handle on her), that didn't really matter since she could actually be interpreted as a cypher for this type of story. For a first novel it was really enjoyable. The pace that the story unfolded at was gradual and skilful. The use of different voices was effective, and although at times not always 100% convincing, the ones that were successful, Felix's mother (who at first read I thought was Samuel's mother, which actually would have been an interesting perspective) and Donavan's parents, outweighed the ones that weren't...the 'middle-aged' school teachers were a tad simplistic and clichéd. Would almost have liked more concerning the sub plot of Lucia being bullied in the wor... morekplace, little more history perhaps but this is a small criticism. I would read another book by this author.
review 2: Even though this book was a little hard to read, I really liked it. It was only hard to read because it is set in England, and uses a lot of English slang. Once you get past that, you can really get into the story. It starts out with a school shooting...by a teacher. We then get the backstory. What led the teacher to do this? Is it as simple as one teacher going crazy and shooting students and staff at a school assembly? A police inspector doesn't believe so. We find out how the recent suicide of a student at that same school may be related, as are past events. We learn that bullying is more pervasive than just the kids at school. What about the bullying between employees? What about the bullying of a new teacher by the students themselves? What about bullying in the workplace outside of a school setting? Yes, Lelic brings that in too, in a way that does not seem out of place or forced. In a world where school shootings, and workplace shootings, have become way too frequent, this is a good thought-provoking read. It might just make you re-examine the way that you treat others, or what you stand by and watch happen. The main character in this book decides that she is not going to just sit back and accept things the way they are. I think that just might be a really good thing. less
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School shooting - nicely written - interesting and keeps you reading. I would recommend this book.
Good book about an awful subject. Liked the main characters.
Wish it had a more justified ending.
Erschreckend gut.
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