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The 19 Dragons (2011)

by S.M. Reine(Favorite Author)
3.24 of 5 Votes: 4
self published
review 1: Well. Okay. This is a steampunk fantasy novella, kind of an unusual combination of genres but it works well enough to carry the story. The storyline's original and different, so it seemed set up to be a tour de force. Unfortunately, it's told more as a morality play, with a vague and omniscient PoV, shallow characterization with no development, and no reader involvement, leaving me uncaring as to which side won. Considering the imagination that dreamed this up, and the solid writing skills that pulled it together, it's left me feeling dissatisfied, because it could have been so much better. And yet it intrigued this reader sufficiently to check out the author on Amazon. Three stars with room to grow.
review 2: Very unique writing style and story structure. Real
... morely quick and enjoyable read. The story structure and sparse writing style allows the author to juggle a large of amount of characters while still explaining the story. Really cool world this is set in and the ideas of Dragons roaming the world as mortal human beings is a nice twist. It does fall apart just a bit towards the end and there is a romance thrown in that really didn't need to be there. The explanation for a couple of the dragons wasn't quite clear. Overall, one of the most interesting things I've read in a bit. less
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A short, interesting steampunk-esque read helped by a unique approach to how the story was laid out.
What an interesting story. I especially liked how each chapter reveals more of the world.
Quick read. But I'm honestly not really sure what just happened!
Kindle freebie, 10/4/12
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