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Cudzoziemiec W Olondrii (2014)

by Sofia Samatar(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: I read this book because Sofia Samator was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer (not a Hugo Award). There are books that you forget soon after reading; this is a book that I pretty much forgot as I was reading it. After some reflection, I came to the conclusion that the reason is that the author broke one of the primary rules of writing: she told rather than showed through much of the book. To give her credit, the writing was clearly well crafted, giving the book a literate style. This kind of character study is just not my cup of tea.
review 2: Didn't quite make it through this one -- the writing is gorgeous, with sensory details everywhere (the colors! the scents! the sounds!) But I found it hard to care about any of the characters,
... moreeven our hero Jevick. There's an interesting conflict between a religion that worships the spirits of the dead as angels and those who believe the only truth is to be found in the written word, but it all got bogged down in the (admittedly stunning) prose. less
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beautifully written and started out promisingly enough, but couldn't get into the story. 2.5 stars.
3.5 very detailed and beautiful world building.
Strange yet beautiful, more like 3.5 stars
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