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The Revolution Of Evelyn Serrano (2012)

by Sonia Manzano(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 5
0545325056 (ISBN13: 9780545325059)
Scholastic Press
review 1: This is a difficult book to review. I liked the way it was written but I didn't like the subject matter because it romanticized the Young Lords. To me the Young Lords were a communist organization in disguise a lot of their community outreach was very similar to that of Fidel Castro. I think young Latinos reading this book will take it for what it is portrayed as - a great organization that promoted equality for Puerto Ricans but will not look further into the background or demise of the group which is quite controversial. I hope to see a memoir by Sonia Manzano in future as I really enjoyed the authors note in which she discussed her own life. I think it would be a great book and will be much more inspirational for young Latina girls then this... more one.
review 2: This was a very quick read, a Young Adult book.  It tells the story of a Puerto Rican teen as she begins to understand her heritage and the political activism of her grandmother, who has been an embarrassment to her.  The story is also told of the girl's mother and the mother's bitterness toward the grandmother because of what mom perceives as grandma's neglect due to her political activism.  (What a sentence!)  Therefore, the reader gets to see the interaction of three generation of Puerto Rican women and the effects of immigration.  Although it could have seemed a little too sweet an ending because they all develop more understanding and appreciation of each other, they also  manage to do this while holding on to their own individual  perspectives, points of views and values.  They do this by using their own specific talents and values top determine different contributions toward a similar cause.  Great little book. I think this is probably about middle school age reading, maybe late grade school, although librarians recommend if for 12 and up.   less
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Set in 1969 in the Spanish barrio in New York. A teenager learns about her Puerto Rican heritage.
3.5 stars Interesting story about a turbulent time in Spanish Harlem in 1969.
Really good piece of historical fiction for ya crowd. Vivid imagery.
2013 Americas Award Winner
Loved it!
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