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The Registrar's Manual For Detecting Forced Marriages (2000)

by Sophie Hardach(Favorite Author)
3.29 of 5 Votes: 5
0857201182 (ISBN13: 9780857201188)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: What a wonderful book! It is difficult to say anything about it without giving away plot twists but I highly recommend this one. Initially it seems to be the story of Selim, a Kurd from Turkey who seeks asylum in Germany but it is interwoven so cleverly with many other stories including the Registrar of the title but not in ways that are immediately evident. I'm usually fairly adept at figuring out where a story is going but not in this case. The consequences of the actions and inactions are not expected and yet there is a kind of inevitability about them! It is infuriating and heartbreaking but never disappointing!
review 2: I struggled with whether to give this three or four stars. It's an intriguing story, mostly well told. Not brilliant, but worth the read
... more for lots of reasons. And glimpses back into South East Turkey and the plight of the Kurdish people, and of asylum seekers in foreign countries, and of the mind of a young woman who somewhat naively decides to help then discovers the implications over many years..... less
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i wish goodreads would let you give halves as it deserves 3 1/2. lovely book
Again not the best book i have ever read but o.k as a holiday read.
Its quite funny, an interesting read....but not exactly riveting!!!
Offbeat, original, engaging!
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