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Falling Fast (2012)

by Sophie McKenzie(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 5
0857070991 (ISBN13: 9780857070999)
Simon and Schuster
review 1: Aww. What a beautiful book! Such a great read for teens and you can learn a lot from it! Delve into River's life and find yourself falling for Flynn, and getting into a world of emotions, feelings and loss. What an inspiring, romantic read. My friend L-O-V-E-D this and it was recommended from her to me. River was a nice character, a little irritating at times, and I found myself mentally screaming at the book, hoping she wouldn't do certain things! But, a fab read; mature, heart-warming, educational! :)
review 2: I thought falling Fast was a very sweet book for a lazy afternoon. I also think it seands a message to the young reader about how you do not have to ever rush any thing and that if a boy likes you he well stick around no mater what. I am not sure I l
... moreoved Flynn that much in my opinion he is not a boy you stick a round for he just seamed a bit violent for me.Falling fast is a very quick read but very nice. less
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Read it twice- which I never do! This will have you cringing, laughing and wanting to find love too!
Loved it, I didn't really like rivers mom but watever. It was a fast, fun read, good plot and all.
First book I ever read properly and the book that got me into books, absolutely love it
on my fav list deffo!
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