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Missing Me. Sophie McKenzie (2013)

by Sophie McKenzie(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 5
0857077287 (ISBN13: 9780857077288)
Simon & Schuster Children's
Girl, Missing
review 1: This is the third part of the 'Missing' trilogy. It differs from the others as it is written from the perspective of Madison the youngest sister instead of Lauren the eldest. As it is a while since I read the others it took me some time to work out what was 'wrong'. I couldn't figure out why she had an older sister and why this older sister was dating Jam instead of her. Sophie could have explained this from the start and avoided confusion.That said, once the character issue was resolved I was able to relax and get into the plot which was as absorbing as usual. Sophie's writing is as strong as ever and I found it difficult to put down.When Madison goes in search of her sperm donar birth father she opens herself up to lots of danger and a new boyfriend. I won't give a... morenything away but be ready for a tense but enjoyable read.This would have been a five had it not been for the confusion at the beginning.
review 2: Brilliant! Just brilliant!Considering I haven't yet read Girl Missing, I understood Madison pretty well.She obviously liked Wolf, even if she didn't realise it, as she allowed him to call her Mo, a nickname she'd only let Jam and Lauren use before.Lauren would have been about 20 in Missing Me and the character change was explosive. She used to be brave and chilled back, but now weak and panicky. Just like her birth mother, Annie.Talking about Annie, she and Mo didn't really get on very well, that's probably why Madison chose not to trust her and not tell her any of her plans.As for Wolf, he was adorable. I liked the bit at the end of the book where McKenzie writes about how Madison met with Esme and Wolf, but from Wolf's point of view - it was so sweet!Overall, this is definitely a favourite of mine and I will definitely be reading it again! less
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I really enjoyed reading this book, definitely what i expected a nice light read. I did find that some of the events that occurred in this book were very obvious though, which isn't that pleasing to me since i like a bit of a twist when it comes to these sorts. This is the last book of the trilogy girl, missing. I hadn't read the first two and started reading it before i even realized it was part of the trilogy but there is suppose to be a long gap between the first two and this one so i found it easy to get into. Overall a nice read, would for sure read more books from Sophie McKenzie.
I enjoyed this book though not sure i like the fact that it was taken for Madisons point of view though i see why it was done that way also though i would have preferd it to have been done from Lauren's point of view as i had become used to her actions but with madion it was as though she was a diffrent person form the first 2 books as she had grown up. I liked the way we got a final insight into Lauren and Jams life as they are now adults was a great ending to this serise and i can't wait to read more of Sophie Mckenzie work in the future.
A brilliant end to the trilogy
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