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O Primeiro Amor (2012)

by Sophie McKenzie(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 4
Livraria Civilização Editora
review 1: This book was very contradicting in the message it brought across and what the story actually told. I liked the aspect of the play and the decision of River not getting the main part, but it just lacked that something, you know? I also thought the step away from a cliche, attractive, annoying, egotistical main guy character was so refreshing, and at times I literally shed a tear for Flynn! But overall? This book was only to fill the three hours of boredom in my day - some of the characters were okay, and I suppose it was a good experience, but it only deserves three stars. Needless to say it was written well and made me feel emotion, but there was just that one little spark missing.
review 2: Was interesting when started reading, however, dragged up too much an
... mored finally finished it. River is a self obsessed person (sorry) and unhealthly obsessed with Juliet. Plus she doesn't really like her own best friend. Flynn is just too egoistic and a cry baby i mean how can you blame everyone for something they own just because you don't have it. people out there don't even own a room to hide themselves against the harshness of the weather so he should be thankful! Did not like it less
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I think that it was an amazing book and it has made want to read the next book
Amazing book. Just finished the series and would definitely recommend it
It was sweet but I hated how intense Flynn was.
I just can not wait for the next one!!!
Quick read. Pretty story
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