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The Hit Squad (2012)

by Sophie McKenzie(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 5
Simon & Schuster UK
Medusa Project
review 1: The last book in the Medusa Project Series and have mixed emotions about it. While Hit-Squad was a good book, there is a lot of repetition of events, and the bad guys the team face in this book they've already encountered before. At the start the book jumps right into the tension and that progresses throughout. After every book in the series I've felt drained and exhausted afterwards, but there's always something that tells me I want more. This is the same with HS because the way Mckenzie ended it made me feel incomplete, as if the series isn't in fact over. I loved these books and I'm glad I read them!
review 2: Gutted this is the end of this series, i've really enjoyed it so much!It may not be the worlds best bit of literature, but the story line holds
... moreyou from start to finish.I like how real the characters are-I find them all irritating at times, they have their faults. But i like them. I hate when bad shit happens fo them.I liked the idea of the medusa project, it was a very clever plot, which is why it's carried it's success over so many books.I'm not usually interested in action, modern sci-fi ideas, but i was definitely interested in the medusa project.Hit Squad is probably my least favourite in the series, mainly due to the changes of point of view. I prefered when the book was all from one perspective.I'd reccomend this series to most, it's definitely worth the read, if you're looking for an escape. less
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Loved tDidn't know it was the last book before I read it -.- couldn't put the book down
And now it's over. Overall the series was okay but this book wrapped it up really well
It's exciting, but the characters and the storyline were weak.
very fun series to follow, ok ending, still very good
Ok types...
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