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Leftovers (2013)

by Stella Newman(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Any book that bases its self about pasta is already a win in my eyes. After falling in love with Stella Newman i had to grab hold of this book, i think i picked it up on kindle for 99p, its fate. So, the story focuses around love, friendship & pasta recipes and a small amount of blogging. I love the writing style, its a chuckle, i found parts truthful & just a light hearted novel. It even has pasta recipes for cold Wednesday nights. It really is one for a dull wednesday afternoon (the book, not the pasta) to brighten up the afternoon and have you routing for Susie right until the end.
review 2: Another great book by Stella Newman. Revolves around Susie, who vehemently denies she is a Leftover--left behind at work, by her friends, by her ex--at the beginning of
... morethe book, only to realize that she has allowed herself to become one. The journey she takes to reclaim her life and find what makes her tick again is funny, sometimes frustrating (you want to shake her a few times) and compelling. And she likes pasta just as much a I do. :) less
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Loved it because it was a great chicklit novel with an empowering end. Very fun read and uplifting.
I received this book for free from goodreads. A quirky tale full of witty insights. a great read!
I personally did like this book, but I have to say the storyline didn't progress much x
Enjoyed this book and especially loved the recipes too
Great read! Loved this easy reading book!
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