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Liebe Ist Keine Katastrophe (2013)

by Stephanie Bond(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 2
MIRA Taschenbuch
review 1: This little read wasn't bad but the romantic conflict arose and was resolved within the last 7-8 pages. The build up was cute but in such a short read it probably should have been shorter. There was a horrible natural disaster at the end which told me that this novella's goal is likely to invest the reader in the problems of the small town and not necessarily Emory and Shelby. For some, this novella might be enough for that but not for me. I need a hook and a natural disaster doesn't do it for me.
review 2: Really quick, really unnecessary. Good palate cleanser. I've liked Ms. Bond's work in the past and decided to give this short a read. I should have saved my energy and I'm glad I didn't buy it. This is for completists only. In this prequel for the Sou
... morethern Roads trilogy we meet Emory Maxwell, a soldier on a 5day leave from Afghanistan decides to take the bull by the horns and ask his Shelby to marry him. Well Emory and Shelby seem to have a sticking point that involves her father and the dwindling town of Sweetness that they live in. As mentioned before this short wasn't good - it wasn't bad - it just was.....unnecessary. I'm not intrigued enough to follow through with the first full length book of the series. less
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This was a cute introductory book to the rest of the series. It was short and sweet.
I really liked the story. It made me want to read more of her works...
Great opening to a fabulous trilogy!
This series sounds fun!
Lame and stupid.
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