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The Spirit Well (2012)

by Stephen R. Lawhead(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 1
1595548068 (ISBN13: 9781595548061)
Thomas Nelson
Bright Empires
review 1: Well, I certainly did like it! Maybe not loved it, but it was soooo interesting. Lawhead writes beautifully and descriptively, and I liked the fact that this book filled in the answers to so many questions -- consolation for the questions it introduced!! It was a little slower than the others but I didn't mind that. I can't lay my finger on anything that's wrong, other than that it's not completely my type of book. I think it's because I love heavier classics so much that I found it lacking. More character study, you know. But, that's just me! My favorite parts were where Lawhead described the manifold places all over the world ... every place is special and interesting.
review 2: To date I have enjoyed Lawhead's "Bright Empires" series. I felt that this one w
... moreas kind of a "middle of the series" book just here to keep things going. Although a couple tidbits of information were shared, (i.e., how Mina learned to better time-travel, how exactly the Skin Map came to be), mostly it felt like it dragged on a bit. Several new characters were introduced (some former minor characters had bigger parts) and while the author did a good job of reminding us in the introduction what was up, and keeping us updated throughout the book. I felt there were just too many people to keep track of and the narrative seemed to bog down in the middle of the book. I know it will eventually all come together but with this edition I was kind of left with the feeling of not knowing where anyone was or where they were going. I still look forward to reading number 4 in this series. less
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A decent third installment, the fourth needs to get better though.
Not as good as the first 2 but still enjoyable
A good read and it keeps you on your toes
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