A letter to …

Dear snoopy, 

I just thought of your name last night. How is it ?Well it will suit you pretty well , i bet. How have you been these days ?  Well ? Great ! 

I know we are poles apart. I flounder in my head searching your traces and places you might bump into me. But in vain.Never mind . But we are there , and that ‘s the most important thing. We will meet soon dear .Just don’t lower your head . We will definitely be together , i promise.

Well to say the truth if things have been in my hand , you would have been here ,playing with me. But sorry dear snoopy they are’nt. Members at home would never rejoice your homecoming. They will never welcome you with open arms .Some old superstitions and fears behold them . Nevertheless you will not leave my head in any case.

I have been into a search these days to find you. and the only realisation i have got is that you are there . And the only thing i am pacifying myself right now is the hope of meeting you at some point of my life. And i believe it and mean it.

Do you know Snoopy? i imagine you everytime i drive sona ( i named her too!) ,sitting on the backseat and woofing in a loud clear voice. we would recreate ‘ around the world in 80 days ‘And i am pretty sure this would come true soon. 

Talking about you i do not even know who exactly you are? Or how do you look? Are you a pug? a spaniel ? Or a bull dog ? Maybe a german shephard? or a doberman? Do you have spots on you ? Or a golden coat. Well that hardly matters to me. I just want you to be here.

I have been writing this all long, but forgot to ask a thing. Are you anxious too , to come home. Do you find me capable enough of keeping you. Are you also excited to be together like me. Or you want to be where you have been this long. You can answer all of these queries of mine in a letter , or intruding my dream or mailing your recorded voice to me. Whatever you feel like doing , but answer.

I can’t keep my pen down when it comes writing to you , but will have to, because i would not like you to tire up your eyes reading this long text and then wearing spectacles like me  ! How would you look in glasses ?