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The Seven Wonders (2012)

by Steven Saylor(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 2
0312359845 (ISBN13: 9780312359843)
Minotaur Books
Ancient World
review 1: The Seven Wonders tells about the youthful travels of a character who continues to appear in many of the author's, Steven Saylor, other books. Gordianus is a Roman-citizen, only 18 at this point, who embarks on a "world tour" with his former teacher, a Greek. Many mysteries ensue, and the young hero is quite adept at solving them--but he cannot see the deceptions that are occurring in front of his nose. I might even be interested in reading the subsequent historical, murder-mystery novels.
review 2: I love Steven Saylor, and it is always a rare treat to discover that he’s released a new title. I am not, however, a great fan of the short story. To my mind it doesn’t allow for the kind of character and plot development I need if I’m going to be immersed
... morein a story, so despite its brilliant conceit and Saylor’s extraordinary research, this book was destined to leave me wanting more. So imagine my delight to discover there’s a follow-up! I cannot wait. less
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OK- not really as good as the others in the Gordianus series, but a very quick & fun read.
Great "retro" look at Gordianus, one of my favorite characters in Roman lit.
Have read all books in this series. Always enjoyable.
very disappointing and very bland.
Wow, inspiring!
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