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Os Salteadores Do Nilo (2014)

by Steven Saylor(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 4
Bertrand Editora
Ancient World
review 1: 3.5*** I enjoyed this encounter with a young Gordianus, although he seemed a bit dense at times (maybe just youthful distraction?) His time among the pirate gang was roughly equal to the time spent on the journey to the "Cuckoo's nest". His inability to admit his love for a 'lesser' person, his slave Bethesda is an internal conflict that is confronted, but not resolved. Luck rather than skill ultimately gets Gordianus & Bethesda out of most of their troubles although to give credit where it's due his deductive skills help him survive long enough to BE that lucky.
review 2: The newest title featuring Gordianus, the Finder, Stephen Saylor's Roman detective is hot off the press. The novel is a prequel, set in 88 BC in Alexandria while the Ptolemys are fighting fo
... morer the Egyptian throne. Saylor is true to his long-established character. In the other books of the series, Gordianus has gravitas, is ever sophisticated and world weary with high stakes political events of the capital. In this prequel he is young and much more naive. This plot revolves around his 23rd birthday as he spends the day with is slave lover Bethesda catching a performance of a mime troop. Because Bethesda could be a double for one of the women in the troop, who is a mistress to a very powerful man, she is kidnapped and disappears after Gordianus fell asleep from too much birthday beer. Gordianus follows a lead that Bethesda may have been abducted to an island in the Delta, headquarters to bandits who have been flourishing because of the chaos in Egypt. In the process, Gordianus himself is forced to work for the pirates in an elaborate scheme to steal the golden sarcophagus of Alexander the Great. Once again, Saylor uses historical detail to convincingly portray the ancient world while providing adventure and intrigue. less
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Love reading about young, naive Giordanus. Can't wait to read more.
Great. Book. Please write another where this one leaves off!
I love the very classic form of this novel!
A great adventure as ever!
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