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Starting From Scratch (2010)

by Susan Gilbert-Collins(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 3
1439143161 (ISBN13: 9781439143162)
review 1: There seem to be a lot of books out there now that somehow incorporate cooking into the story, whether its about a restaurant, a wanna be chef, etc. And I have like most all of them, because I love food! This book however, was a little different, as the cooking aspect really wasn't the main storyline. It was more about learning how to deal with loss, and family relationships, and the food aspect was woven into the story seamlessly, not taking anything away from the storyline, but adding another layer of how food is so much part of our everyday life, and how it can be an integral part of your life, during triumph and struggle, and comfort.
review 2: Book #25 for 2012 - I really liked this book about Olivia, the youngest of four children who completed her doct
... moreorate on the very same day that her mother dies of a stroke. What happens after she goes home and gets "stuck" for a while due to her grief and her inability to get along with her siblings is fascinating. She really comes into her own and her relationship with her siblings and her father improve tremendously throughout the book. There is also (of course) a family secret that she comes to find out. This book is extremely well written in that the author is descriptive without being boring and monotonous. Plus, Olivia is a great cook and there are fun cooking references throughout! less
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Didn't finish reading this book. Read the first 100 pages, couldn't get into it at all.
I got to page 37 and came to the conclusion that this book is not for me. Bore. Ring!
Linguistically beautiful, but so melancholy I struggled to get through it.
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