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A Question Of Identity (2012)

by Susan Hill(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 1
1468300504 (ISBN13: 9781468300505)
Overlook Press
Simon Serrailler
review 1: More Susan Hill greatness. Had one minor issue with the plotline but it matters little as I only read them for the Serrailer family and actually Hill could strip out all of the crime details and I woulsdn't really care. That said I do like the way she analyses particular issues, in this case what makes up yopur identity and if you had to change it, what impact would that have on you psychologically. The only small criticisms are (i) an unrealistic development in the murder plot (too much of a coincidence which jarred for me) and (ii) when you move into the next book in the series, the big events that happened to major characters in the last book are sometimes glossed over. OK so you don't get every answer in life, but it is a bit annoying sometimes not to find out more. Bu... moret then it's obvs a trick to keep me reading... which I will!
review 2: I am a fan of this series, and I picked this one up in anticipation of the upcoming #8. It doesn't disappoint, though I must say that it helps to know the series from the beginning. There's a real arch to the story of Simon Serrailler and his sister and her kids. In this episode, Serrallier, a serial monogomist, is in love for the second time in his life, his widowed sister is transition from being a GP to an academic, and his niece and nephew are in the throes of troubled teenage years. Baby Felix fulfills his name surrounded by the lovely cat Mephisto and his sidekick dog, Wookie. The only complaint I have for Ms. Hill is the new addition of the killer's perspective in italics. Why, as readers, we must be privy to the inner thoughts ONLY of the bad guy, is not clear to me. The story of the murdered elderly ladies in their new condominiums works perfectly well from the third person perspective, and included in it are the movements and actions of the murderer. I never like sections in books in italics, they signal to me 'unimportant, go to the next section'. This one was no exception. In any case, a perfectly realized series with a satisfying resolution and lots of real life family drama thrown in. less
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Loved it! Even though I had an inkling who was the perpetrator(I won't say more - spoilers)
The Serrallier series are all excellent. Susan Hill always leaves you wanting more.
Really liked this book - very nicely written and not too predictable.
I liked it better than the previous one.
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