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The Shadows In The Street (2010)

by Susan Hill(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
070117997X (ISBN13: 9780701179977)
Chatto & Windus
Simon Serrailler
review 1: I enjoy these books by Susan Hill, it's great story telling and the family of the main detective are as fascinating as the plot. He's a bit too good to be true, but we all like the strong quiet hero type, cultured, reserved and honourable but intense. Anyway, you get drawn in to the world of Lafferton, as much as to the murder mystery. I need to go back and read earlier ones, these should really be read in sequence and I've missed two out.
review 2: Hill's most recent entry in her small-town British crime series is as good as ever- although she's starting to hit against the problem of why such a small, relatively crime-free town seems to be a target for so many serial killers. The unique thing about this series is that while it's subtitled as "A Simon Serrai
... moreller mystery," Simon himself is always a supporting character, at best. Instead Hill focuses her story on Simon's family (his sister and her kids), his coworkers, the killer, and the killer's victims. It's kind of a strange way to work, but Hill's writing makes it work. If you're going to jump into this series, though, I recommend skipping the first entry, The Various Haunts of Men, as it will break your heart. less
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Glad the writer sent the priest lady far away. I didnt like her as a romantic interest for Simon.
Well written, and I like the family characters. But overall, a bleak read.
The best of this series so far, keeps you guessing 'till the end
Enjoyable read .
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