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Shadows In The Street (2000)

by Susan Hill(Favorite Author)
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Simon Serrailler
review 1: Another fine Simon Serrailler mystery - only this time, the killer comes very close to Simon. His sister Cat and her children still mourn the death of her husband and their father. Cat decided she would take additional courses on palliative care to work at the hospice and Simon was called back from vacation to lead the investigation into the deaths of prostitutes in the area. As usual, this is a complex mystery bringing out our sympathies and sorry for the women in prostitution and their children. We also see the pain of people who are not guilty but are questioned repeatedly by the police.
review 2: In many of the detective procedurals that I've read, one point is often made, "don't go into the investigation with a preconceived notion of who is the murdere
... morer. This book, more than most, leads you on a merry chase along with Detective Chief Superintendent (DCS) Simon Serrailler. There really aren't any 'red herrings' in the story unless you've decided who is guilty, before you have all of the information. We begin with Simon off on a 'holiday' on an island off the coast of Scotland, that is as rural as rural can be. While Simon is calming his overworked brain and body (and enjoying his solitude), two prostitutes are murdered back at home. Simon is called back to head up the investigation after a 'civilian' is murdered. While Simon is working on the murder, we get a look at his GP doctor sister Kat who is still recovering from the loss of her doctor husband to a brain tumor. Though her two younger children seem to be doing alright her older son has retreated into himself. The new stepmother Judith is brought to the fore by her work with Kat and her ability to make contact with the usually reticent Simon.For those who have read the first four books of the series, they will find this to be a rewarding addition.Zeb Kantrowitz less
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Still enjoying this series of crime stories and the lives of the Serailler family.
An enjoyable first encounter with the Simon Serrailler series.
Excellent. Love the continuation of the lives.
dull, dull and dull. pointless read
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