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A Soft Place To Land (2010)

by Susan Rebecca White(Favorite Author)
3.13 of 5 Votes: 4
1416558691 (ISBN13: 9781416558699)
review 1: This book was entertaining, but it was just not good. A lot of insider details that no one that lives outside of Atlanta would relate to or care about, and I assume there were a bunch of San Fran insider details that I missed. When I see authors do this I feel like they are working on a Creative Writing 101 exercise where the instructor told them to really work on characterizing a place for their assignment. Just not good, and annoying because there are all of these editorial reviews talking about this "powerful/beautiful story." Sorry to be so negative.
review 2: Though certainly an interesting idea, the story falls flat pretty early on, for White fails to develop her characters or their surroundings. Reading this I was strongly reminded of Marilynne Robinson'
... mores "Housekeeping" (the protagonist is even named Ruthie) with the added bonus of Ian McEwan's Briony Tallis. Overall, the book was okay, but I felt like it was hastily slapped together because of the media coverage surrounding Captain Sully's Miracle on the Hudson. less
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It was an okay book to read, but don't go out of your way to buy it or anything.
I did not finish it because I could not get into it.
Two and a half... OK read but not good.
Couldn't put it down!
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