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The Darling Dahlias And The Silver Dollar Bush (2014)

by Susan Wittig Albert(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 3
0425260607 (ISBN13: 9780425260609)
Berkley Hardcover
The Darling Dahlias
review 1: This is a such captivating series. I love the Dahlias, and this series keeps getting better and better. Susan Wittig Albert has a natural talent when it comes to creating fictional worlds inhabited by fictional characters. Her books and the people in them are just so darn real! She's got a great sense of time and place, so whether I'm in modern-day Texas with China and her friends, or in 1930's Darling, Alabama with the Dahlias, I feel right at home. Her wonderful characters are truly dear friends to me and I just can't wait until the next new book comes out. In this book the Dahlias, led by Verna and Liz, find their little town in dire straits. The town's only bank has shut down for a "bank holiday" and no one know for how long, or if it will even reopen. Times are ... moretough in Darling in April of 1933 as it is all over with the Great Depression, but the Dahlias pull together and work with other leading town residents to try to bring their little town back from the abyss. This is a beautiful, idyllic little book with so much human interest within its covers. My suggestion, begin with Book One and get introduced to the Darling Dahlias. You'll be glad you did.
review 2: The ladies of the garden club that gives this series its name are involved in various ways with the bank holiday that threatens the town's well-being. There's a lot of basic economics explained, as the new bank vice president proposes using scrip to substitute for money. One of the most popular young women in town is jilted; a woman who has long dismissed romance from her life meets a man who might melt her suspicious heart, and one of the Dahlias reunites with the love of her life. There are two funerals. But--there is really no mystery, and whether or not there's a crime is mostly in the eye of the reader. Well, I guess that those poor 1930's women have solved enough murders--maybe they needed a rest. less
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Another great look at how folks managed during the Great Depression. Excellent series!
I've liked all the Darling Dahlia books, but this one dragged a little.
The best of the series so far!
I love this series :)
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