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Taming An Impossible Rogue (2012)

by Suzanne Enoch(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 4
0312534523 (ISBN13: 9780312534523)
St. Martin's Paperbacks
Scandalous Brides
review 1: I really, really liked this book - until I got to around page 175. And then all of the sudden, a couple of little things started to annoy me. The use of the word "chit" to refer to a girl or woman. And it wasn't used just a few times. It was used A LOT. I don't care how historically accurate that might be - it got old quickly. The heroine is shunned by society because she stood up a man at the alter. That's fine because it's made very clear that the jilted gentleman is a very cold fish. But the other issue I had was this: The heroine didn't like her former fiance because he didn't even bother to meet her before the wedding ceremony, even though they had been engaged for years and he lived nearby. When they are forced to talk again a year later (brought together b... morey the hero), the jilted fiance points out that the heroine hadn't bothered to send him flowers or notes or make an effort to get to know him either before the wedding. Maybe he didn't really want to marry her either but wasn't willing to neglect his duty to his family. She ignores his point and gets defensive. If the heroine had really become all that much wiser in the 13 months since leaving him standing at the alter, then she should realize that yes, she actually does owe him an apology, even if he is a turd (which he clearly is).I had a few endings with the ending as well, but don't want to spoil it for future readers. This author is very talented and I would highly recommend this book. None of my issues with the story should stop anyone from reading it!
review 2: This book was just ok for me. I did not love it the was I did the first one. I really wanted the discussion with Elenore to happen earlier than it did. And I understand why Keating and Cammy got together when they did, but I wanted it to happen faster, sooner. I did not love the build up to the big confrontations or the happily ever after near as much as I did the original. However, I have high hopes for the next book and am looking forward to reading it. less
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little boring in the middle... otherwise good book!
Nice :)
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