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The Flipside Of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know—and Men Can't Say (2011)

by Suzanne Venker(Favorite Author)
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1935071270 (ISBN13: 9781935071273)
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review 1: I got annoyed with some of the obvious exaggerations and the obvious Republican bias of the authors (as if women in the GOP are the only ones who can recognize where feminist ideology has gone wrong and had unintended negative consequences). That frustration kept me from giving this book more stars, because despite that they made many good points about how the leftist feminist agenda has, in many ways, hurt women as much or more than it has helped. Unfortunately, because of the clear bias I think it's unlikely that this book will change any minds, but rather serves as a defense of conservative values and concepts of gender equality, preached primarily to the choir.
review 2: I've just started reading this and I don't want to give it 5 stars quite yet, but what
... moreI have gathered so far, it will definitely make it to the 5 star mark. I'm sure I will edit this review later, but really, I love it so far and will pick up Suzanne's first book as soon as I finish this one. I really want to just dive head first into this one, and provided I get some quiet time, I will for sure probably polish this off in a day or two. less
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Just reading the reviews for this thing makes me feel sick and angry and desperate.
Every girl should read this book. MUST read for all women no matter their age
Not recommending reading for anyone who believes in feminism.
I think it was ok because it wasn't that memorable
Very good.
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