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Reflejada En Ti (2012)

by Sylvia Day(Favorite Author)
4.35 of 5 Votes: 4
8467009748 (ISBN13: 9788467009743)
review 1: As the Story Continues.....Eva and Gideon are on a rollercoaster ride at timesyou think was bond for the road to hell with there relationship.Through all the things Gideon does without her knowledge could there be a reason? It could possible split them apart.Cary continues on his own path to distrution.One that could possible lead to danger ahead.Nathan the sick bastard is coming into these couples life determined to cause prue demonic tides.Will it be a terrible event or could it possible his last.Relationships may mend or possible come to an end in this one.Through all the hardships and heartache Eva must face.Could Gideon be her saving grace......Who knows Go grab the book and see for yourselves.It will be an interesting twist to these charators fates.New people will be... more interduced into the Crossfire Novel.Things are starting to get toasty..
review 2: Gideon and Eva's story continues...I enjoyed this book, it was full of romance, tragedy, drama and took some unexpected turns throughout. I feel it had more content than the first book and we're starting to understand the characters more. We definitely got to learn more about Gideon, but I like the fact that Day has left us with enough questions that we still want to read more. We got to see more of Ireland, Shawna and Eva's dad, plus there was the introduction of Will and Brett. There were parts that were confusing but as the book concluded it all became clear what was happening. It was a cleverly written plot and I look forward to the next book in the series. Overall I give this book 4 stars!! less
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I can't get enough of these two!!
Loving this series........
Outstanding book!!!
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