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Leaving Home (2013)

by T.A. Chase(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 1
1781843074 (ISBN13: 9781781843079)
Total E Bound Publishing
review 1: Super good! I havent read all the books in this series so I cant really compare but this book alone was very good. In the beginning chaz is apparently coming off a bender where he has lost track of days and time. However in the days following his medication is rationed to him but he does not go through WD. In fact he never goes through WD at any point. Thats a little inconsistent in my opinion but it didnt really detract from the story.
review 2: I forgot how much I loved this series. While the books are about different people Les & Randy are always around somewhere. This book dealt with some real real life issues and had some strong feels going on. The story line was strong but I felt like the characters weren't clicking as much as they could. Don't get me wro
... moreng I love it and loved the guys but thought there could have been a little something more. I won't wait that long between books this time! less
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3.5 stars
3.5 stars
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