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Five Star Billionaire (2013)

by Tash Aw(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 5
0812994345 (ISBN13: 9780812994346)
Spiegel & Grau
review 1: such a letdown. i went in with good expectation what's with on the front cover stated that it was longlisted in man booker prize and then it centers around malaysian immigrant in Shanghai. i try to keep up hopes that it will pick up somewhere but NO. at first i could relate to two of the characters while pretty much indifferent to the others. but as i continue to read wow, i realised that i kind of want to punch all of them. like i get it you want to be succesful in bumbling city but why are you all so self centered? and the book come of as preachy and sometimes pretentious. you want to make it a grand scale, out of the world lives of four people but the underlining of it is i don't care at all.
review 2: This book grew on me while I was reading it, and in the
... moreend it was defintely five sta. The pesonalities in the book evolve, and get more layers with every chapter. Some of them meet in this big mess of a city, others dont. The author takes us to the glitzy business lunches and shabby apartments, into the secrets of 'real estate developers' and tough migrant workers. Most stories are sad, but all are very true, happening every day. Yes, its a book to start again as soon as you finished. less
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Got interesting when the characters started to relate with each other.. Was a slow read.
Blah! Abandoned! Just couldn't get into this one!
Interesting portrait of modern Shanghai.
kind of weird, very hard to connect to
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