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Oracle's Moon (2012)

by Thea Harrison(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 3
0425246590 (ISBN13: 9780425246597)
Berkley Sensation
Elder Races
review 1: I'll admit that it's been many moons since I've picked up one of the Elder Races novels. This is one series that I adored the first book, but found the second, third, and fourth to be merely 'eh'. Not so bad that I've hated them, but not so great that I'm gushing over them.Is this a standalone novel? Well, it's actually the fourth book in a series. The beginning sequence to me takes place during book three. This book just takes that sequence and switches points of view so that it's a pretty seamless transition from the last book to this one.Basically, I guess you could potentially read this as a standalone- because you get some flashes from the previous book. I don't think you absolutely have to know Rune and Carling's story. But I will say that you'll miss a lot... more of the background that book one gives. Will I continue reading the series? Yes, I will. I screwed up while buying some books- and ended up having preordered book six (before I read book three and four..lol) So yeah, it's just taking me away to read this series. I wouldn't read this book- nor would I recommend it- for someone who doesn't like a paranormal aspect to their books. You definitely have to love some demons in order to really enjoy this.
review 2: Oh Wow now that was a treat!!! Totally drunk the Kool-aid on the Djinn....not too many fantasy books out there with them and this one was a treat to say the least!!! I LOVED Khalil!! Oh my loved him soooo much *Like Crazy* If you're to choose one book from the series to read...this one would be it!!! WOW!! I have totally been bitch slapped can't believe its over! That damn Khalil!!! I'll try finish the series but I Don't think Ms. Harrison can top this one..but I will surely give her the benefit of doubt!!! She's earned it*still shaking my head** WOW!!!!! “He wished he knew how to describe to her what he felt.I started counting time for you.I want to change who I am for you.You are my Grace.He was too full, and there weren’t enough words.He said, “I did not know I needed grace until I met you.”Then as she held him tightly, he knew that what he said had been enough.”Excerpt From: Thea Harrison. “Oracle's Moon [04] Elder Races.” iBooks. less
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Another favourite of mine in this series:) Looking forward to the next one!
Great story loved the two characters struggle
loved this book!
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