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Sidney Sheldon's Mistress Of The Game (2009)

by Tilly Bagshawe(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 1
0061883166 (ISBN13: 9780061883163)
review 1: I remembered my college days after rating these book? My bestfriend introduce me to sidney sheldon who at first is my ever favorite author. It was just like first love at first read! I can't blink my eyes as I scanned the pages and beholding the content of every word. As if I am one of the characters. And there was a time when I can't resist and let go of my studies! Haha. Amazing book. Amazing author. thumbs up!!
review 2: Although I was interested with what Ms. Bagshawe would do with the story and characters from Sidney Sheldon's wonderful "Master of the Game", I was in the end disappointed. Sadly the characters I liked the most played minor roles in the story while the ones I liked least were front and center. I gave it 3 stars basically because it was a fas
... moret, essentially mindless read that held my attention for a few hours till I finished it. My overwhelming thought when I finished this book was to go back and reread all those Sidney Sheldon books I loved so much growing up and steer clear of Ms. Bagshawe's officially sanctioned wannabe books. less
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Loved the suspense and the plot movement. Always kept you engaged.
Ok story, not as thrilling and consuming as Sidney's own books.
Good but not as good as master of the game
started off great but then fizzled out
I puked a little through every chapter
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