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Skandalozno (2011)

by Tilly Bagshawe(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 3
Znanje, Zagreb
review 1: Yes, just okay. From the opening I thought I wouldn't be able to go on the name-dropping was so embarrassing (I was embarrassed on the author's behalf it was so gratuitous PLUS I was embarrassed on my behalf because I recognized all those vapid status symbols, shallow me), but I persevered. Kinda wish I hadn't ... kinda glad I did.I did like how intricate and detailed the story was, so many characters with so much going on, except they were all vacuous losers for whom I cared not a whit. The one about whom I did want to learn more, Lottie, we never did. Pity.Now that I'm writing this I realize it's really closer to one star because the ending was so offensive. If the coupling of those characters had been the author's intent then she should have made it possible without bei... moreng so revolting. Blech. Oh, I guess that second star was because at least Theresa's story ended happily -- ridiculous!, but happy.
review 2: This was a book club pick for May 2014… It is outside of what I would normally read… so keep that in mind when you read my review please.I do not enjoy books that paint women as needing a man to be a complete person. I can understand wanting love and family and friendship. But pinning all of ones hopes and dreams in one person, and then that person does not live up to the dream you are ruined for life. How you react to such rejection/betrayal is what makes you the winner or the looser in that situation. If you spend YEARS plotting and planning your revenge the other person has one because your life is still in their control in away.I felt that the book was dragged on to help explain all these lives and ways the different people were affected and the conclusion so quick and anti-climatic. less
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A little slow at the beginning, but towards the end I really enjoyed it!
Exactly perfect for what it is, which is ridiculous and awesome trash.
A fun, Pass the time, too tired to think book. Nicely written
Interesting. Jumps around alot.
2.5 starsMeh. So much meh.
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