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Baba Jaga (2014)

by Toby Barlow(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 1
Hofmann und Campe
review 1: Mr. Barlow spins another engrossing yarn, this time of witches and nefarious CIA activities in Paris 1959. The supporting characters are all deftly drawn (particularly an incognito George Plimpton, a lovelorn detective turned into a flea, and an angry and vindictive old witch) and the story is addictive - I read the last half in one sitting. There are a few minor drawbacks - the protagonist is a little bland and underdeveloped (what he wants, or if he wants anything, generally, never comes up much) and the love angle is oversold and not particularly credible - but overall Babayaga is very entertaining.
review 2: great story, very creative and thoughtful. Not the traditional happy ending-- I'm disappointed in Zoya that she is so bitter that she can't allow her
... moreself to enjoy the time she has with whatshisname-- she'd rather have him suffer the way she will eventually suffer when he is gone. I guess in the scheme of things, in her 1000-year perspective, 30 or 40 measly years with him are hardly worth it. She'd rather he share her pain, which is far more enduring than their live would be. less
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Wild, fantastic, heady romp through Paris. This story has teeth and isn't afraid to use them.
I laughed my way through this sharp witted read. Can't wait to read Toby's other books.
Paris, France, witches, spies, mad scientists, all in one book!
Mystery, mayhem, magic and murder ....
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