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Twisted Vine (2013)

by Toby Neal(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 3
Toby Neal
Lei Crime
review 1: Fair warning, this book comes with heavy emotions. Assisted suicide is the crime at hand and seems to affect everyone differently. As a tech geek Sophie helps to bring down the website connecting those wanting to end their suffering. Lei feels worn down by protocol and the Charlie Kwon incident. It was a pleasure to have Sophie' s insight, her personality far different from Marcella and Lei. I look forward to a story just for her. Lei has a tough decision to make and I can't wait to hear how her choice works out.
review 2: I liked the settings since it brought back memories of Maui & the Big Island! It had a twist since the FBI was looking for the beginner of a Web Site for people that were dying. That person would eventually convince one of the people o
... moren website to help a person wanting to probably commit suicide to die a way that person preferred, & to take a picture after to prove the assisted suicide. This actually amounted to murder. Then they would be surprised by someone else that would help them to die! And on it would go! It was quite predictable. The author did bring in what could be a problem for one FBI agent because she had known the criminal family before & they accused her of murder of the mother of the criminal when it was really a suicide since she was dying & had actually given the grandson the idea of the website! It was all wrapped up fast however! less
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Lei Crimes #5. Another great mystery set in Hawaii. On to the next one in the series....
Another book in this series and they keep getting better.
Fun paperback... but kind of cheesy.
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