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The Sweet By And By (2009)

by Todd Johnson(Favorite Author)
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0061579521 (ISBN13: 9780061579523)
William Morrow
review 1: This book reminded me of my mother. She is in a nursing home and I can imagine that some of her thoughts are similar to Margaret's. I hope she has some caregivers as good as Lorraine was, but I doubt it. I imagine Lorraine is one in a million. I found the book to be a little sad, without many high points. But every book can't be all rainbows! There was some humor in Bernice's character, but in a way it was making fun of her declining mental state. I didn't like how the book jumped around a lot - I like the different points of view of the characters, but I didn't like how it wasn't always clear as to how much time had passed between chapters. Overall, I enjoyed the book.
review 2: The most telling thing about this book for me was that I only wanted to rea
... mored a few chapters at a time before I tired of it and had to put it down. That's a good indication that it wasn't my favorite book. As with all books written from many perspectives, some rang truer than others. I enjoyed Margaret the most. Having spent a fair amount of time visiting a nursing home, a lot of the book was familiar and hit the nail on the head. But do I really want to read a book about the nursing home? I guess that's the question. And I wouldn't gush about the writing, contrary to some other reviewers. It was fine, OK, but not special for me. Although I'm sure that some people treat their relatives (especially inlaws) like Bernice's son/wife did, I have not witnessed that. More of what I would see was just neglect - not visiting. Not people who visited that were mean or uncaring. I found the son/wife character to be a little too simplistically drawn, apparently for the purpose of making a point. But I don't want to split hairs too much here.I am really meh on this book - I kept reading it, so it's not a total loss, and it had its moments, but really after 40 pages or so I just wanted to put it down and read something (anything) else. less
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Loved the book. What a difference a person can make on the lives of those society is done with.
Four and a half stars- great story. I enjoyed the characters and the sweet story line.
Brought me to tears over and over again!!! It's a very touching story
A lovely tale of life and friendship. A good read.
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