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The Annihilation Of Foreverland (2011)

by Tony Bertauski(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: I have rewritten a review for this book several times. I think I will simply say "Excellent." Another unique and very creative book from Tony Bertauski. Fantasy, suspense, young adult, techno, sci-fi; probably a little of each. A story to escape into for an absorbing read that retained an unsettling edge of .... this could happen someday, and that is a chilling aspect of this story. Most of the things I want to say would end up being spoilers, so I won't. Enjoy!
review 2: I would say that this is my typical genre of book to read, but it was a very gripping and captivating story. You start off the book knowing absolutely nothing except that Danny Boy can't remember who he is. Throughout the entire book, you know there's something off about the island, the Direc
... moretor, and the Investors, but the story just keeps you guessing until the very end, only seldomly giving you hints. The boys struggle for freedom and understanding is easy to root for; you want to cheer anytime they one-up the Investors, and kick some of their adult butts when the boys get unjustly mistreated. The author has done a fantastic job weaving this tale. You won't want to miss out on it. less
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Great story and premise - a little too much swearing for a YA book unfortunately...!
a slow start but glad i stuck with it. predictable in places but still a fun trip.
this is very different than anything I've read but so good! What a ride
Good writing and very clever plot.
Good story. Quick read.
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