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Alien Salvation (2011)

by Tracy St. John(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 3
New Concepts Publishing
Clans of Kalquor
review 1: Salvation to those who remain on earth come from the aliens they are not sure of. Many think This alien race are those who killed all of earth people and the planet and do not realize it was our won leaders who decided for us to die was better then to mix blood with those who are like us but not of us....This series was spectacular I loved it and it was HOT.........I mean a man with dual manhood wooww i will take one.....and the storyline on each novel is really good, suspense, romance, comedy, each story was very good..
review 2: Lindsey, Jessica's sister who was nurse in book #2, sees a Kalquorian ship crash. She, her mother and her father are barely surviving post-apocalypse and since she's heard the Kalquorians are sex fiends, she's willing to trade sex f
... moreor food even if it's her first time. And what a first time! Since she's open to all they want to do, just like her sister, she enjoys it all and then goes back for more after they feed her. She finds out that the guys, Bacoj, Japohn and Vax are looking for Jessica's family and also to evacuate as many people from Earth because the nuclear weapons Earth detonated will make the planet uninhabitable in two years. They can put shields over the cities that were devastated, but they won't last. Back to the guys, she's having such a great time and they're having such a great time, why don't they make it permanent. Well, she's the Empress' sister, so that might be a problem but not to Lindsey. She just has to convince the guys.Very sweet book, some heartbreaking parts in it. This was my favorite of the bunch! less
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A must read for all erotic sci if fans out there.
was good... pass the kleenex please!
My favourite of the series.
Trade Paperback
3 stars
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