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Betterness: Economics For Humans (2000)

by Umair Haque(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I liked the book because I agreed with its central premise of striving for (and delivering) better, doing what we can to add real value to the world rather than mindlessly pursuing more money, more goods and just more of everything. It's unfortunately more of an unedited ramble than the concise book (it's very short) that I was hoping to read. Though that it is not to say that it was by any means bad writing. The author has a fluid style and his words just soak into one's mind. He is opinionated but somehow it feels passionate and concerned rather than a foaming-at-the-mouth rant.The book presents many questions and invites us to re-think the way we do things and how we make our choices. It provokes us to look at our apathy and acceptance of the status quo. And I think tho... morese are good enough reasons to recommend it. It's a short and painless read and hopefully the ideas (which I already knew but chose to largely ignore) will eat away at you as they are eating away at me right now.I liked the final paragraph in the book:"A life well lived is a consequence of human choice: the decision to pursue the significant over the trivial, the enduring over the evanescent, and the meaningful over the useless. And so here is my challenge - live one."
review 2: Short and sweet. The way business should be thought of; one can only hope that it is the start of next phase, however, as Umair states this "new thinking" represents a paradigm shift from the way we currently view markets.When one considers the historical perspectives, though, it is more likely a return to a pre-industrialized / pre-stockmarketized time. What I was struck with when reading the book is how self-centered/focused we have become as a society. When we were involved in building our nation we came together for the common good to construct arguably society bettering institutions - eg. our hospitals, churches, schools, governments, roads, and other infrastructure. When you consider many of today's advancing economies, these are areas that they appear to be still building.Additional, I quite enjoyed the historical perspectives of ancient Greece.Anyway enough philosophizing... :) Would recommend the book as well worth the price to download simply for the creative thinking that it inspires! less
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Read this. It will change you.
Read! Brilliant. Enough said.
One of my North Star books!
Insightful - true - Better
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