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The Carrion Birds (2013)

by Urban Waite(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 2
0062216880 (ISBN13: 9780062216885)
William Morrow
review 1: It doesn't take very long to realize that ominous clouds are appearing on the horizon as Ray Lamar decides to bring his career of working for a drug cartel to an end with one last heist. Heading back to his former hometown in New Mexico, where his 12-year old disabled son lives with Ray's father and uncle, Ray has finally decided to settle down. But his plans are sabotaged, and despite his talent for getting out of sticky situations, one bad thing happens after another, and Ray finds his own life threatened as well as the lives of his friends and family members. The violence, suspense, pathos and tragedy of this story are reminiscent of the darkness of Cormac McCarthy's novels. Fine writing and credible characters make this a worthy piece of modern western d... morerama.
review 2: I liked this one. The writing is sparse and noir-ish, occasionally with incomplete sentences, which bothered me a bit at first, but I soon got used to it. Some of the secondary characters are not well defined and a bit generic. But the story is interesting and a page-turner. Waite's style really propels the action forward in a very cinematic way. There's a big gun battle action sequence toward the end which I can totally visualize. In fact, the book would seem to lend itself very well to a film version. I really liked the character of Ray Lamar, the main protagonist, who's not a very likeable guy in a lot of ways, but Waite manages to make him very sympathetic. This is good crime writing, the details are sometimes very graphic, and I'd readily recommend this to any fan of the genre. less
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I am drawn to books that take place in the brutal desert. This one didn't disappoint.
Good read. Much in common with No Country For Old Men.
I won a copy thru Booktrib.
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