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A Tale Of Two Daddies (2010)

by Vanita Oelschlager(Favorite Author)
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0981971466 (ISBN13: 9780981971469)
Vanita Books
review 1: The 'A Tale of Two Daddies' is a book told by three friends asking one of his friends about her parents at home. The little girl is being raised by two men, Poppa and Daddy. Lincoln ask her questions about which roles her father do at home (ex. which dad would build your house in a tree? And which dad helps when you skin your knee?). As a teacher, I would use this text showing paired conjunctions. A lot of conjunctions were used like neither and either. I also will explain the family structure of her family. Could not find much information on the author, but she does have a family of her own. The illustrator did a good job with the connections to the text of the book.
review 2: A Tale of Two Daddies tells the story of two young children who meet at a park. The
... morelittle girl in the story has two daddies and the little boy becomes very curious as to which daddy does what in their household. The boy asks the little girl questions about which tasks each daddy performs for her and she explains each time which daddy does the particular task the best. This book would be very beneficial in the classroom if I have a student who has same sex parents, especially if this child is being teased because of it or if others are having a hard time understanding why that student has two mommies or two daddies. I could relate this story to students in my classroom by asking them various questions that the little boy asks in the story. For example, “Who tucks you in at night?” or “Who helps you with your homework?”. Also, the story rhymes so I would use this text to teach students about rhyming words. This book teaches that same sex parents do the same type of things as heterosexual parents do when it comes to parenting their child. It shows that having two daddies isn’t much different from having a mommy and a daddy. Although, Vanita Oelschlager is not gay, she does a great job in being respectful to the culture group and making the story very relatable to children of all ages. The illustrations by Kristin Blackwood are very well done. The pictures are very colorful and they would engage children in the story even more. less
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A touching book where a girl tells her friends all the things her "Poppa" and "Daddy" help her with.
Very cute story. Really like the illustrations. Story is about how her dad's take care of her.
This is a fantastic read on a non-traditional family.
A feel-good, inclusive picture book.
This looks so damn cute. :3
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