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Divergente (2011)

by Veronica Roth(Favorite Author)
4.33 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: I thought that the movie was a better, more cohesive story (and fixed many plot points found lacking in the book), but I still enjoyed it; it's probably worth noting that I read the book after seeing the movie... I did really enjoy seeing/hearing more of the psychology of Tris, something that I didn't feel was fully fleshed out in the movie (at least, not as well as the book). The writing style is pretty mechanical, but has its moments (of finesse, and of wince-worthy sentences).
review 2: I'm trying to read more and finding it hard due to constant interruptions and family obligations, so I wanted something light but not boring. This was it. Ah, the dystopian YA genre. It would be easy for me to pick at the watered down writing style and gaps in plot, but it wa
... mores interesting and exactly what I was expecting so I am happy with this read overall. I could do without the undeveloped romance bit, but this is YA and I let it go. I didn't have high expectations, so maybe that has something to do with my rating. The unexplained background and implausibility was not a deal breaker because I can imagine the characters were not allowed to know much about their own pasts and that perception is the lens for the story. Misinformation, censorship, and truth are big themes in the story, the factions governing themselves with differing modes of control masked as security and virtue. I really don't need to know how things happen to believe that maybe it could. (Though, a more realistic explanation would make the writing stronger for sure.) I'm aware that what I am reading is fiction, so everything is hunky dory. Certain parts seemed rushed, sloppy, and preset, like the writer was plugging in key information into a first novel formula, but again, I am not judging too harshly since this is YA. I get it. For the intended audience, it is great. I'm currently reading book two. less
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I was really excited to read this, as YA science fiction is one of my favorite genres and I'm glad that books like this are getting more young people into reading. Unfortunately, it doesn't really live up to the hype for me. For one thing, I couldn't decide if I actually even liked the protagonist. If that had seemed intentional, it would be a different matter. More importantly, the rules and context of the society as explained by the author just don't seem to make sense. In most dystopian fiction, there is at least a believable (however ethically questionable) logic to the set up. Here, I didn't really see that. Overall, I did enjoy quite a few of the ideas, if not the finished execution of them.
as a librarian i felt it was necessary to read this book, and im so glad i did. i fell in love instantly with the characters growing love, suspense and the stories unknown. i was too eager to finish this and had to watch the movie immediately after, just to see how they put this beautiful book into film. (needless to say i was very effing disappointed in the film, very very disappointed). i look forward to being enchanted with the rest of the series !
This book is exciting and I just couldn't stop reading it.
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