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Four: A Divergent Story Collection (2014)

by Veronica Roth(Favorite Author)
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0062285688 (ISBN13: 9780062285683)
HarperCollins Publishers
review 1: Finally Tobias's point of view , we finally take the journey in the mind of the sixteen year old Tobias making his choice ,moving to dauntlss, and most importantly meeting Tris .. it was quiet frustrating reading the first two books in Tris's point of view .. my mind was itching on knowing what Tobias had on his mind ,though we don't get the full image of the Tris-Tobias moments we wanted we get an image of whats going on in Tobias's mind and it was very nice and a very nice way to end the series given that alot of the reader were complaining about not knowing what Tobias was thinking about, even-though we get his POV in the final book "Allegiant" we don't get to see his first impressions of Tris and now we get some of those glimpses and FINALLY we get to see a little bit ... moreof the inside of the character we loved alot in the series and get a look inside the damaged person hiding in his dauntless crust which only Tris got to soften a bit .. Soo yeah great addition and an amazing,must read to everyone who loves Four\Tobias
review 2: Would I recommend this book to anyone? Yes, I would recommend this book to a lot of people. I think that this book is best read after reading all of the Divergent series, or at least the first book Divergent. I think that this book gives a really rich backstory to Tobias’s past (the guy named Four) and you feel like you can really connect to the character better. Hearing his side of the story helps you makes you understand his actions and role better in the series. Also in this book Four, there is a lot of action and romance, which I find is a good quality and balance in any book. With this book you also tend to feel like it is part of you, and you really can’t put it down because it is so good. less
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That book was so hard to put down! I loved it
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