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Silver Mine (2012)

by Vivian Arend(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 1
1609288785 (ISBN13: 9781609288785)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Takhini Wolves
review 1: Enjoyed Chase and Shelly's story with all the lone shifter's and the problems they had to overcome. I thought maybe she would shift once his wolf showed up but I guess it will happen in another book. Looking forward to seeing where Evan and Caroline are heading seeing that they both know what's up now. I'm still wondering what happened with the bears that attacked Shaun and Gem or maybe I forgot. Plus I wanted to know what was up with Jones, so many things not answered but also leaving and opening for another story. In a way it's good and annoying to not have the answers or maybe the author forgot to tie up the loose ends. I hope not because I really enjoy the series.
review 2: I love everything Arend writes and this is no exception. A shifter that can't shift
... moreand a vet.Lily. A loner who shifts to both cougar and wolf and lives in Isolation. Chase.He comes to town for a years worth of supplies and meets the lovely Vet just beginning to set up her new practice. He is already suffering from a toxic shifter injury that will probably kill him. With the help of her mentor, she returns to the wild to find the shifter that caused the injury only to find him already dead. An anicdote is created and all regain health. The story, the characters and the locations in northern Canada all add to the fantastic story of Silver Mine. A book I could not put down. This series is sure to be one that I will follow. less
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Really good. It was nice to see more of couples from previous books as well .
Gotta love rooting for the underdog. This is a favorite of the series. :)
Great, intense action/love story. Looking for the next one :-)
I give it a 4.5
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