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The Gift Of Fire / On The Head Of A Pin: Two Short Novels From Crosstown To Oblivion (2012)

by Walter Mosley(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 3
0765330083 (ISBN13: 9780765330086)
Tor Books
review 1: I really like short stories and I really love these Walter Mosley two for one specials. The first one I read "On The Head Of A Pin" was my favorite of the two stories. I liked the science fiction element of it. Some of it was a bit too grody, but on the whole it was okay. Both stories have a sort of short story problem where certain characters can come off terribly underdeveloped and they can be interpreted rather poorly. I feel like there is a female character in each book that just comes off really bad. I don't mind the character of each book, but the descriptions of them and their actions sound bad, when they should probably have an added paragraph or two to make the story not feel so much like it wants one character to be a badguy (even though with context from the res... moret of the story I don't see anything wrong with their actions) and the other character to seem miserable (though again, I don't particularly think they were so bad.
review 2: This was an interesting departure from Walter Moseley's better known detective series starring Easy Rawlins. Both novellas (they are paired together in this edition) star a young, messianic African American who is the key to humanity's survival. In The Gift of Fire, he has been empowered by an ancient Titan, Prometheus (the only one who liked humans). In The Head of a Pin, he is a young author who is the only one who can tap into a universal consciousness whose emotional resonance can bring people to their knees in joy or uncover painfully ugly secrets. Mosley is a good writer, so the reads are quick and easy. For people wanting another Easy Rawlins story, look elsewhere. For those who are interested in a little fantasy, with shades of Octavia Butler, try this. less
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I'd rate this as more of a 2.5. It had it's moments but overall, I was underwhelmed.
Mr. Mosleys sci fi is as great as his mystery
Enjoyed both. I liked The Gift of Fire best.
I always enjoy books by Walter Mosley.
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